What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come

What dreams may come?
What dreams may go?
What dreams may stay?
I’ll never know.

Dreams are like snowflakes,
Each is unique,
Dreams see the real you,
They offer a peek.

A peek in the mind,
Barriers fall,
Time and space,
Don’t matter at all.

Sometimes you may see,
What the future may bring,
A fleeting thought,
Causing birds to sing.

Some dreams, they flee,
On the whispering wind,
These dreams, they ne’er,
Be remembered again.

These dreams, they last,
Like the bat of an eye,
When gone, all’s gone,
Not even a why.

Sometimes they return,
For a moment or two,
Then soon gone again,
While laughing at you.

Some dreams remain,
A lifetime passed,
That dream stands strong,
Never-ending, to last.

In hearts and minds,
Of me and you,
A man stands up,
A dream comes true.

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