True Love

True Love

What can I say,
That has yet to be said?
What can I think,
That is not in my head?

This world is so big,
And I am so small,
There’s no way that men,
Could have covered it all.

I want to show beauty,
To the beast that’s within,
I want to show love,
To a world full of sin.

True love does not want,
Except simply to love,
It comes from within,
And it comes from above.

It comes from a choice,
Not desire or lust,
That choice must be made,
Or relationships rust.

They rust into hardships,
Becoming a weight,
If left all alone,
It can rust into hate.

The ones you hold dear,
Choose to love them today,
For tomorrow may come,
With your love far away.

Be true to your love,
And the ones you hold dear,
When life crashes down,
They’re the ones who are near.

When true love is chosen,
By you or by me,
True joy is found,
Try it, you’ll see.

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