Sequel to One Day

The forgiveness has arrived my friend,
Your pain can be endured,
The lord can give you strength, so you can be,
Mightier than the bearer of any sword.

The lord provides a pathway,
For you to travel on,
He wants you to get on it,
That’s why he sent his son.

You have a choice to make, my friend,
Which road that you will take,
Will you follow the Lord’s steps and see,
Forgiveness eternal, or jump into the lake?

This lake is not of water,
Of fire and brimstone it is made,
Eternal pain and agony awaits,
For those who he enter this lake.

The Lord God sent His Son,
that we might have eternal life,
But if you don’t accept Him,
You face eternal strife.

Heaven is majestic,
And words cannot describe,
The beauty that lies within,
Those mansions in the sky.

But hell is a place of torture,
A worm can never die,
A constant burning, never quenched,
Eternally those there will cry.

They’ll cry to Heaven,
To God’s own throne,
They’ll cry in sorrow,
They’ll weep, they’ll moan.

But though they cry,
They can never escape,
They’ll never see daylight,
They’ll never see peace.

They’ll never see their loved ones,
Lonely throughout eternity,
No parties, no games,
No booze or drugs to dull the pain.

Only the fire,
One could go insane!
Sitting there, alone,
Enduring all the pain.

Pain that one choice could have changed,
That choice is what caused the pain,
They chose not to follow the Lord’s pathway,
They thought they were blazing their own.

But they were wrong, others have walked that path,
The broad way to destruction,
They cannot see the end thereof,
They walk, without direction.

And now, I fear, the call is lost,
Damnation comes to mortal men,
Because we do not count the cost,
Less will go to Heaven.

There is a soul that could have been,
Saved from the horrible fire,
But those redeemed, they fell into,
A snare set by the Liar.

A friend once said, “I wish we could,
See into Hell, for only but a moment,
Then, we know the souls that would,
Have accepted Christ, though good we meant.”

We went along our busy way,
We watched the souls go by,
We were so taken by the world,
We followed Satan’s horrible lie.

The lie that “later will do,
Someday I can recive,”
The lie that good is okay,
When best is offered to me.

The lie that never ends,
It grows day after day,
We try to put it off,
So we could get our own way.

We may not get what we want,
But is that what we need?
What about the lost souls,
Who need to be redeemed?

Jesus Christ once said,
“Go ye into all the world,”
Is that what we’ll have done,
When the scrolls have been unfurled?

Will we have run the race,
With patience, and eyes on Christ?
Will we have finished the course,
If we have been ‘real nice’?

We must remember the souls of those,
Who don’t know Christ as Savior,
We must remember the Lord, who died, so we could complete today.

We must remember to heed hi his call.
The call of the Lamb of God,
We must not forget the ones who’ve died,
Without Him in their lives.

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