The Will Of God

The Will Of God

The pen has brushed,
Upon the page,
Revealing truths,
One cannot change.

The will of God,
Has led these men,
To set the page,
And wet the pen.

Preserved through time,
Unto this day,
To lead His men,
Along the Way.

The Way of God,
And that, His Son,
The Word made flesh,
Who dwelt among.

He entered flesh,
A baby born,
He came to die,
His flesh was torn.

He is the perfect,
Lamb of God,
And as He walked,
Upon this sod,

He never sinned,
He never flawed,
He had disciples,
Those He called.

He taught them truth,
He let them see,
How close to God,
Such peace could be.

Throughout the land,
He grew to fame,
Yet greater groups,
Despised His name.

They sentenced Him,
The death to die,
And many still,
Do not know why.

Yet God used this,
From the fall of man,
To bring about,
His awesome plan.

The plan to bring,
Lost souls to Him,
Forgiveness find,
Though they will sin.

Their debt is paid,
Their hearts are free,
If they accept,
If they believe.

If they accept,
God’s only Son,
Who for them,
Redemption won,

The words are penned,
They’ll go to Heav’n,
With all the souls,
Who’ve been forgiv’n.

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