The Trinity

The Trinity
31 Mar02

Be not discouraged,
Be not dismayed,
For the Lord is risen,
He is risen today.

Our glorious King exalted high,
Was born of flesh, of men to die,
He paid the price for all our sins,
He opened the door that we may go in.

Easter is a time to praise,
The broken heart, for which He died,
The sins he bore at Calvary,
To save a wretch like me.

Amazing love, how can it be,
That God in Heaven, He cares for me?
He gave His Son to cleanse me from sin,
He opened a lifegate that we may go in.

How can we be discouraged,
How can we despair?
We have such a hope in Heaven,
When we die, we’ll enter there.

We’ll have new bodies,
New songs to sing,
New dwelling places,
A new light source, the Trinity.

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