The Sparkling Diamond

The Sparkling Diamond
Dedicated to my wife

Racing through the trees,
Shifting side to side,
The branches break against my skin,
As into them I collide.

Falling to the ground,
A dazed and dizzy dream,
I fall and nothing catches me,
I tumble through air, it seems.

Colors, shapes around me,
Swirling on all sides,
And as my grace grows greater, still,
Into this state I abide.

The swirling colors singing, now,
Harmonies so sweet,
The cooling breath of a thousand lungs,
And then the terrible heat.

This fire is burning inside me,
With love the insatiable fuel,
As it roars, getting brighter, it guides me ahead,
And my heart reaches out for that jewel.

Sitting unsupported,
Held aloft by her very own grace,
By shifting, she sparkles her sweetness around me,
But yet I cannot see her face.

She warms me with words of such wonder,
Her voice reaches deep in my soul,
Her words pull me closer, I fall in her arms,
It is done, I have now reached my goal.

This mutual love, it surrounds me,
Enveloping all of my fears,
Her face is revealed, with the fullness fulfilled,
Through the joy I cannot hide my tears.

Her voice is so sweet as she soothes me,
Blowing air on the fire inside,
She is the one for which I have waited,
From her light I cannot ever hide.

No matter how far I may wander,
From her side where my eyes cannot see,
This fire inside, it will burn till I die,
This love way down deep inside me.

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