The Riddle

The Riddle

I cry your name into the night,
No answer, then you blind my sight.
I try to find the answers, Lord,
But the truth, I fear, I can’t afford.
To love in darkness seems not right,
Moreso, than to love the night.

To love what you are not, it seems,
Gives me light to find my dreams,
To bless what you are not, like night,
Is to know you are the light.
There truly is no middle.

What we are is what we do,
Creating all that’s old and new,
Heaven is right here and now,
Hell is when we bear the plow.
We make ourselves the servants of,
The god of fear, not You, of love!

You made the fear, that you might know,
The love you prove, the love you show,
You want experience through us,
Magnificence is proven thus,
The answer is a riddle.

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