The Quest For Gertrude

The Quest For Gertrude
March 2003

Beyond the flow’ring roses,
And past the bubbling stream,
Through the grazen Killcone Valley,
And past a mountain scene.

Under the fallen trees,
There lives a fairy queen.
She rules in harmony her sprites,
Who tend upon her dreams.

Before the queen one day,
Came a man of noble birth,
His one request was to the queen,
A quest of such high worth.

She granted his request,
When asked what it might be,
He gave her this, his simple answer,
He had to go on the sea.

He’ll climb the tallest mount,
Scale the lowest valley,
And cross the many flowing streams,
A dozen roses to rally.

Those, he’ll take to the mount,
That lies in Killcone Valley,
For ‘tis a land of many wonders,
There lives fair Gertrude O’Nally.

Stol’n away last month,
By some ferocious beast,
None know where to find her, now,
All search parties ceased.

“I must off to find her,”
The knight told the fairy queen,
“Then go, go my noble lord,
This fairy queen hath seen!”

She gave his quest her blessing,
She would always be there,
She made this vow, then gave to him,
A lock of her own hair.

And so, the knight departed,
He soon began his quest,
He wore a shiny suit of armor,
It was his very best.

He traveled o’er the mountains,
He traveled through the valleys,
He crossed the many flowing streams,
A dozen roses he rallied.

Those he gave Miss. O’Nally,
With a promise for her daughter,
He will go to save her from,
The beast that plans to slaughter.

The knight set out to find her,
He searched both high and low,
He searched around the valley large,
The one that’s called Killcone.

He found a cave enormous,
He slowly went inside,
He could not see into the darkness,
All of a sudden, light!

Where did it come from?
He looked around,
He looked above him,
He looked on the ground.

He saw from where the light came,
From his bag, he pulled the source,
It was the lock of hair from her,
Who had sent him on his course.

He now could see before him,
The beast he came to find,
The sudden light that covered darkness,
Had made this great beast whine.

The knight drew out his sword,
And prepared himself for battle,
He put the hair in his left hand,
As he did, his mail did rattle.

The sudden noise brought the beast,
Out from his fear of the light,
He reared back on his tow’ring haunches,
And then prepared to fight.

As the beast came down,
The knight went up to meet him,
Naught could be heard above the roaring,
As they clashed in a battlish din

As the battle wore on,
The knight had lost his sword,
But where? He heard no clattering sound,
Then he saw from the beast, blood poured.

Without knowing, he’d caught the beast,
Upon the tip of his sword,
And now, as the beast was falling fast,
He heard from within, “My lord!”

‘Twas the voice of Gertrude O’Nally,
The one he came to save,
The one that he loved so truly and dearly,
He ran to the back of the cave.

As he freed her from her bonds,
She heard him gently say,
“Back together, my love, at last,
Will you marry me today?”

As they approached the sunlight,
And the lock began to fade,
The knight retrieved his trusty sword,
And they went on their way.

When they reached the top o’ the mount,
Her mother came out to greet them,
She welcomed them back with joy and mirth,
And handed the knight a gem.

She explained to them that a traveler,
“Heading away to Nespitoo,
Dropped this off upon my doorstep,
He said that it was for you.”

As the knight got married,
He placed the gem on her hand,
And there he gave to her his vows,
Which he keeps unto this day.

And so, the knight got married,
With the greatest of mirth and laughter,
And even unto this very day,
They’ve lived happily ever after.

But wait, the story’s not finished,
It’s only just begun,
So sit right back, and listen with care,
For soon, it shall be done.

As the queen had promised,
She is with them always,
And it was her servant who gave the gem,
That allowed them to be married that day.

But now, you may say to me,
You do not believe my tale,
I say, very well, I will soon take my leave.
I will depart by way of the vale.

Think only that you have sleeping,
And had a nightmarish dream,
And soon you shall wake up again,
To think no more of this theme.

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