The Lord Brings Me Through It All

The Lord Brings Me Through It All

When I saw the planes fly in,
To those buildings great and tall,
Killing many people there,
As I watched the buildings fall.

The fact that God cared for me,
Was the last thing on my mind,
Sitting there in horror then,
All I could do was cry.

These acts of terror,
Caused those buildings to fall,
But since the Lord saved my soul,
He brings me through it all!

He brings me through it all,
He holds me by the hand,
And leads me through the Promised Land,
He never lets me fall,

He brings me through it all,
When there’s no help in sight,
He’s always there right beside me,
The Lord brings me through it all.

When I look at my own life,
I find myself in tears,
The Lord brought me through my trials,
So I could be right here.

Telling you my testimony,
Is the greatest joy I’ve found,
With the knowledge that God saved my soul,
I know I’m Heaven-bound!

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