The Choice

The Choice

Two roads,
Alike but different,
Appear before me,
On the road that I am walking.

Both roads go to somewhere,
To where I’ll never know,
Though I’m nearing the end of my journey,
That I’ve been on for so long.

I’ve walked the strait and narrow way,
I let God take control,
I taught, I preached,
I’ve read his word,
I followed his perfect will.

I made a decision long ago,
Of where to go from here,
But God wants me to turn,
I’m hoping I will learn.

I start to turn, but it’s too late,
The new road has surrounded me,
Making the other disappear.

I can’t turn back,
The deed is done,
I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.

I guess I won’t get home on time,
Too much more to do,
I must enter the darkness ahead,
By the man that stands before it.

I must have faith,
I must be strong,
I must stand up for God.

Our paths have crossed,
He goes on mine, pushing me into his,
He enters the dark, he falls, he lies,
He never moves again.

On his path, I make my way,
To the one I should’ve been on.
My life has changed,
I will not stray,
My life belongs to you, Lord.

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