The Challenge

The Challenge
Written By:
Joshua Perusse and Joshua Jordan

In the dark of night,
There was a man,
His name was Sam,
He owned a land,
With trees and rivers flowing throughout.

By the riverside,
He sat with sword in hand,
Waiting for the challenger,
To be greeted with death.

Floating down the river,
The night’s prize cried, strapped to the mast,
The death-watched soul leaps from nowhere!

Lightning strikes forth from steel on steel,
Thrusting blades twirling about,
The final stroke, silence comes,
Two bodies hit the ground,
Thunder crashes, the rain has come.

In agony, the challenger rises to his feet,
A swift wind an heedlessly he falls,
Sam gazes into the bodiless eyes.
Calmly he catches the drift.

He clambers upon his weary feet,
Releases his prize from all that binds her,
Receives as an offering, the maiden’s flower.

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