The Broken Wall

The Broken Wall

I’m alone in a world,
Yet surrounded by people,
There’s no one to talk to,
But everyone’s talking.

I try to run,
But the ground slides beneath me,
I can’t move a muscle,
I can’t make a sound.

You try to come near me,
My walls are too thick,
You’re wanting to hear me,
Your ears cannot pick.

You can’t hear my groanings,
You can’t hear my roar,
Like trying to see,
Through a firmly closed door.

My wall it is breaking,
Around me it falls,
I can’t keep it up,
You’ve broken it down.

Now I’m in silence,
My voice it is heard,
The ground, it stops moving,
My muscles, I flex.

This gift that you've given,
I'm blessed to receive,
Embrace my new freedom,
As you turn around.

I call out to you,
And you then return,
Companion for life,
Our love will ne'er end.

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