Slipping On Time

Slipping On Time

Why must I be ashamed?
The past is gone forever,
Though often, it’s seen again.

It comes back to haunt me,
I cast it aside,
I cannot give in,
I cannot abide.

While I am sleeping,
It takes over dreams,
I wake and remember,
I’m losing, it seems.

I pause to reflect on tomorrow,
On the peace that waits for me there,
I linger with joy in my heart.

It lets me be happy,
I wear it, a sheet,
I let it take over,
Abiding complete.

Now when I sleep,
It shows me a hope,
I see a great joy,
No longer I mope.

Why must today always go?
It’s past in the blink of an eye,
I dwell in the purity of now.

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