I sat down hard, legs splayed beneath me,
I took off my hat and dropped it,
Leaving it to lie where it fell.

I tried to think,
But the thoughts wouldn’t come,
I tried to cry,
But my eyes remained dry.

I thought hard of a nice summer day,
Playing games with my father,
In the sunshine and rain.

I remembered the campouts,
I remembered our hikes,
I remembered a hot beach sun,
And trying to reach it with a kite.

I remembered his words to me,
Wise and well-spoken,
I remembered his prayers,
Lifted in devotion.

Yet, I remembered other things,
Things I cannot express,
They left me with a bitter heart,
And a feeling of loneliness.

Now, I now what Father’s Day is,
I time to celebrate dads,
But also to think what life would be like,
Without him in my life.

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