Rejoicing And Sorrow

Rejoicing And Sorrow

When pain turns into sorrow,
And sorrow to relief,
I’ll turn my eyes to you, oh Lord,
And pray my soul to keep.

I never know when you will come,
Neither day, nor e’en the hour,
But I know you will return,
With righteousness and power.

It says in Your Word you will return,
With a shout and a trump, the King of Kings,
The dead will rise, the blind will see,
And we shall go to be with thee.

When will you come? I do not know.
But when you come, I know I’m off,
To be with you forevermore,
When I shuffle off this mortal coil,
I may sleep for a moment, but when I awake,
I shall see thy dear, sweet face.

These words are words of comfort,
To those who know them true,
But should you die without the Lord,
Then God will say, “I know ye not,
For you are not my child.”

He’ll throw you down; He’ll cast you out,
To Hell you’ll go, and there you’ll shout,
“Why did I not accept you, Lord?
I made a mistake I cannot afford!
I must let my family know,
Or else to Hell they’ll also go!”

But if indeed you are the Lord’s,
You will rejoice when He returns,
Then, you’ll go off to be with the Lord,
Forever and ever, Hallelujah, Amen.

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