Reflecting Back

Reflecting Back

Reflecting back, I see my life,
Scenes inside my mind,
I didn’t want to see again,
Those mem’ries left behind.

I think about my lovers lost,
And those I never had,
I think about those friends I miss,
Such thinking makes me sad.

I also think of my hard times,
We all have those in life,
Difficult choices we have made,
They cause such grief and strife.

Those choices were like crossroads,
Along the paths we trod,
Some choices bring us closer to,
Some far away from God.
However, thanks to choices made,
We learn amazing truths,
Such as could not be understood,
When we were just as youths.

Some had to grow too old too fast,
Some stay forever young,
Some live life as a lullaby,
Which yet has not been sung.

Yet some live lives in torment,
Not knowing any love,
Except the love that only comes,
From Heaven up above.

For all who lived all walks of life,
One thing still holds as true,
Love is irreplaceable,
That love begins with you.

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