Pain Within Reality

Pain Within Reality

She speaks the wind in silence
Her presence peeks into my soul
Her eyes say she’s hurt and she’s bleeding
Her life is not under control

Her touch, that sweet silk, in its soothing,
Is backed up by her years in the pain
The fighting the running the needing
Like standing outside in the rain

The rain it falls down from above you
Yet soaks to the bottommost part
This pain, it is chilling your bones,
This pain, it has broken your heart

The gift that you’ve given is gone, now,
The trust that none other can have
It pains my own soul just to want it
It will be to my heart a salve.

The salve that can heal all the wounding
Which leaves the most unnoticed scar
Although it is there it is fleeting
And cannot be seen from afar

I want to be that for your soul, now,
I want to now see your life heal
I want to know love as you give it
I want to know just how you feel

The longing within my compassion
Is there just for you to observe
The longing shown plain in your vision
Is there for when I can deserve

The pain of the possible pleasure
Stinging at my lonely heart
The pain of the possible pleasure
Allows for this world to depart

If only it is for a moment
Wrapped in a thousand years
The pain of the possible pleasure
Is drowning out my fears

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