One Step Closer

One Step Closer
To Seeing it All

I’m one more step to seeing,
Everything, and that is true,
And now, I plan to share,
My story, today, with you.

I’ve seen people talking,
Loving all the day,
Sitting in a church,
Bowing heads to pray.

I’ve also seen a man,
With a eighty year-old beard,
Walking down the street,
He looked all sorts of weird.

Was that a shirt he’s wearing?
Well, it’s a tuxedo shirt,
And what about those shorts?
What? It’s a short, short skirt!

And what about those stockings?
A run on either side?
And check out them high heels,
A wonder he’s still alive!

I thought I’d seen it all,
Then a day ago a bit,
I’m one step closer to seeing it all,
I saw a fly take a —.

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