One Day

One Day
To be followed by Today

Today, I stand, a victim of self-pity.
A mindful pawn in a mindless game.
Who is the victor?

Why did I give in? I may never know,
But now I see my world,
Gluing itself back together.

I wanted you to know,
All of what I did,
But I hid it back, behind a mask of insanity,
Afraid of what a so-called “friend” might do.

“Snitches need stitches,”
His favorite saying,
I sat there afraid of it,
Pondering the consequences.

I hope you see, I owe so much.
I’ve lost respect; I’ve lost the love,
That comes with being human.

We may not always understand each other,
Or we may not know where the other’s coming from,
But as we both know, we don’t have to.

We must accept them for who they are,
They’re people, they’re friends, they’re neighbors,
They’re writers, they’re singers,
They’re poets, they’re dreamers.

I’ve stolen a dream,
A dream of perfection,
Except for the fact that there’s always reflection.

Reflection is always a step toward perfection,
Remember mistakes and what you did right,
And you just might find,
A little ray of sunshine that grows, and Grows, and GROWS!

Enveloping you, surrounding you, accepting you.
Accepting you and never me.
Few people see me for who I am.

They know a side, but that’s all they know.
I’m an octagonal shape with more than eight sides.
I try to show compassion, but sorrow comes out.
Sides take over each other, engulfing one another.
Sadness, happiness, it’s all the same.

I walk through life feeling all the pain.
Pain from my family, pain from my friends,
Pain from relationships, pain to no end.

When will the pain stop? Someone let me know,
I can’t take the pain any more, oh Lord!
Just take it away, please take it away!

Where is the forgiveness? All I see is pain.
Oh, someone help me stand up, help me get back on my feet,
I may fall yet again, but someday, I just might be able,
To get up on my own again, one day.

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