My Wife, My Angel

My Wife, My Angel
Dedicated to Chris and Val Aggas

I had a dream one evening,
I lay awake in bed,
An angel appeared before me,
A halo ‘bout her head.

My love for her, it filled me,
It reached into my soul,
As she stood before me,
Time almost ceased its flow.

She stayed with me all night,
We talked about my life,
She offered a solution,
An end to all the strife.

As she stepped toward me,
Embracing me in love,
She leapt right into me,
Sensation from above.

She became my bloodflow,
The air I breathed inside,
She became part of me,
From her I’ll never hide.

Now she is around me,
Everywhere I go,
No one else can please me,
That’s how I love her so.

I never did wake up,
From that enchanting dream,
That angel is beside me,
My wife, she’s my sunbeam.

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