My Prayer

My Prayer

Give me now, a reason to write,
Give me a thought, my path to light.
Give me swift hands, that they may speak,
Words of love thou givest to me.

You came from Heaven to die on a cross,
You suffered such pain, agony, loss.
You did this for me, your love to give,
You did this for mankind that man might live.

You rose from the grave, you triumphed o’er death,
And through your life, you now give me breath.
Eternal life you offer to me,
By only accepting this gift so free.

Your love is eternal it never shall fall,
Now for lost souls, You beckon, You call.
You want none to perish, but all to repent,
To only that end, my clothing I rent.

In sackcloth and ashes, I come to You now,
In thy humble worship, at the altar I bow.
If only to praise thy name, and bring souls to thee,
I, thy dear servant, forever will be.

Without reputation, you came to this earth,
There in a stable, the lowliest birth.
The angels, they worshipped, the shepherds they came,
The wise men brought gifts, to praise thy holy name.

God called you Jesus, the Savior, at birth,
A part of the Trinity, who created this earth.
You made the stable, You made the hay.
You made the tree, to give your life on one day,

You made the men, that would hang you to die,
To give us the gift that none other could buy.
You made the grave, where thy dead body came,
You conquered them all, praise thy holy name.

You now live in Glory, at the Father’s right hand,
Preparing the mansions in the New Promised Land,
Someday, I will see You in Heaven so bright,
And rejoice in the glory of thy holy light.

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