My Church Family

My Church Family

My church family cares for me,
They help in times of need,
They give when it’s not asked of them,
They plant a precious seed.

That seed is love, the kind of love,
That gives without return,
This seed is planted deep within,
This seed, for which I yearn.

I yearn in longing, waiting for,
The little plant to grow,
I pray in thanks unto my Father,
Whose love is clearly shown.

The love from God, whose blood was shed,
On a hill called Calvary,
Though so many years ago,
He bled and died for me.

I can ne’er forget that day,
When Jesus came into my heart,
I can never be the same,
My Lord cannot, and will not, depart.

My thanks can never be enough,
To all those who care for me,
For those who pray, and give their love,
And give their time, for free.

The man who humbly washes feet,
I give the most regard,
And he who gives the gift of prayer,
I owe him all my heart.

For those who give their time for others,
There is a great reward,
And those who give their funds for Him,
Promised gifts are waiting for.

When Christians give their time,
In service for the throne,
They’re working for the greatest good,
To win a poor, lost soul.

When they fund a missionary,
Or give tithes unto their church,
Or simply go out of their way,
Of others, thinking first,

They’re helping win lost souls to Christ,
They’re adding to the race,
Of which we must be running,
Though trials, we will face.

God has given people strength,
For getting through hard times,
But it comes through people like you,
Who run along beside.

Supporting others, giving praise,
And praying without cease,
You who are the church family,
Who help to give us peace.

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