Mocking Faces

Mocking Faces

As laughing faces mock,
I try to drown them out,
They push and shove toward me,
They cause my heart to doubt.

My loneliness, it troubles,
Creates a certain fear,
And I begin to wonder,
Why am I truly here?

What is my mission? Tell me,
That I may plainly see,
Can I be so important,
That one would care for me?

I feel I’m all alone,
Inside a crowded room,
And as I scream for help,
It echoes through my tomb.

This grave that I have made,
Inside my very being,
Reminds me that my life,
My control it has been fleeing.

Now, as the faces press,
Up against my wounded heart,
I find a strength unknown,
Down inside my deepest part.

The strength to bear it all,
And to know the deepest love,
My heart has been released,
From the cage, that lonely dove.

I find my purpose, Freedom!
I now can drown them out,
My dearest truly loves me,
In my heart there is no doubt.

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