In silence, now, I see a world,
Painted black and white;
Pale and grey surroundeth me,
As all this time I write.

The world grows dark, and darker still,
And as the light grows dim,
Appears a gleam of hopeful light,
Then starts a low, faint din.

The hopeful light grows brighter, now,
And as the world goes black,
The din grows louder, driving near,
No way can I fight back.

As the din grows to a roar,
And the light becomes the sun,
Colors, noises, people, songs,
Appear, and I want to run!

Fear of the unknown, unexpected,
Yet love for what is new,
A familiar fragrance fills the air,
A cloud obscures my view.

From the haze she approaches me,
An angel of melody,
She walks toward me, and I fall to my knees,
Love for her has filled me.

She speaks to me in tones so sweet,
The words, they matter not,
Yet mean so much, these words of joy,
“Happiness can’t be bought.”

She speaks of truth I cannot know,
And cannot thus relate,
She speaks of life, of love and lust,
And of my coming fate.

Departing words, she gave to me,
A wish for lasting peace,
A life worth living, never dull,
And love to never cease.

She fades away, the world is right,
My mind’s at peace again,
I drop my pen, the paper’s down,
My inspiration’s end.

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