Dedicated to AJ Basa

He breathes the name so soft, so warm
And lets it ride the breeze,
He longs to shout the name out loud,
To sing it from the trees.

He sees the one that he adores,
And soon escapes from view,
He cannot let himself be seen
For he’s among the few.

The few who know how wonderful,
This one has come to be,
Those who see the path this one,
Has braved to find the key.

As he sits imagining,
There goes his recent chance,
To tell the one he loves so much,
About his future plans.

His plans to show how great he is,
Without the laughing scorn,
His chance to show that such a match,
Has never yet been born.

Alas, the moment, gone too soon,
He vows it once again,
Next time he will approach and speak,
The only question, “When?”

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