In My Life

In My Life

Verse 1
I control my future,
Not like in the past,
Great people before me,
They’re dead, but I remember them.

They left a trail to follow,
A legacy behind,
I will now make my footsteps,
Before I lose my mind!

I’m looking around me,
Above me, you found me.

In my life,
What do you want from me?
It’s my life,
You cannot run me,

I’m falling up,
Onto my head,
I’m realizing,
That I’m not dead.

Verse 2
Life’s a roller coaster,
Round and round it goes,
Or is it like a top?
Where it stops, nobody knows!

Strange people around me,
Looking for a friend,
Every second passes,
We’re closer to our end!

I’m looking behind me,
Below me, away from me.


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