I'm Coming Home

I'm Coming Home

Whenever I am lonely,
Whenever I am blue,
I think of you.

I want your hand to guide me,
Along this path of life,
Through all my strife.

Your beauty, it surrounds me,
Enveloping within,
All I have been.

I want for naught around thee,
Except for time to cease,
A time of peace.

My love, you’re not around me,
You’re not here at my side,
Where did you hide?

Your love is yet around me,
Though far apart we are,
Your love’s not far.

It keeps my heart a’beating,
It keeps my mind alive,
My inner drive.

I wish to have you nearer,
Held in my arms again,
My lover-friend.

Soon we will be together,
Sharing time alone,
Without the phone.

That time is growing closer,
I shall no longer roam,
I’m coming home.

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