Falling Like Rain

Falling Like Rain

The lake mist slowly rises,
Into the early morn,
Gathering together,
A rain cloud takes its form.

Atmospheric pressure,
Changes in the temp,
Compress the mist together,
A raindrop there is kept.

Release into unknown,
Into the open air,
Plunging toward the earth,
With not a single care.

The raindrop gathers speed,
Careening toward the land,
As it approaches closer,
It falls onto my hand.

My hand had been outstretched,
In love’s embrace to her,
I could not let this drop,
My time of joy disturb.

I’d gotten off the plane,
I’d walked toward my dear,
I’m finally holding her,
Now that I’m fin’lly here.

My time at war is over,
Deployment now is done,
I now embrace her close,
My love, my only one.

Another drop of water,
Forms upon my face,
In joy, I shed a tear,
To be back in this place.

The tear runs down my cheek,
Is wiped off by my hand,
Joining it together,
With the one that just did land.

Evaporate away,
The two drops then ascend,
They join into the cloud,
And form back up again.

This time, as they descend,
They fall onto a face,
Whose tears are not of joy,
When she’s in her cold embrace,

Her heart is broken, pieces,
Her love was lost to war,
She can barely stand,
Her body is so sore.

Her tears flow freely down,
Joining with the rain,
She didn’t even notice,
Through the sudden hurt and pain.

As her skin, it dries,
The drops form into mist,
Upward in the breeze,
Not even to be missed.

They join the cloud again,
And wait until the day,
The pressure’s right again,
And they will fall like rain.

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