Cheers To Honor

Cheers To Honor

(G and C chord alternately)

Verse 1:
Tonight, I am drinking,
With buddies I’ve made,
We’ve all been to war,
A sacrifice paid.

We’re all still serving,
As soldiers we work,
Tonight, we’re together,
To share in the hurt.

Cheers to honor,
To our brothers who fell,
Cheers to our loved ones,
We’ve all been through hell.

Cheers to our comrades,
Still fighting today,
Cheers to the freedom,
For which we all pay.

Verse 2:
When we got back,
Our numbers were few,
We all gave so much,
To do what we do.

I lift up my glass,
And say a few words,
A moment of silence,
Their voices are heard,

They say:
Shout Chorus

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