Behold, The Sun Rises In The North

Behold, The Sun Rises In The North
Dedicated to Jay Fry

I woke up this morning, my world was askew,
Wrong side of the bed, I don’t know about you,
Things go topsy-turvy on days such as this,
These days can be fun, not a moment to miss.

I went to get dressed, got my clothes inside-out,
This day will be strange, in my mind, there’s no doubt.

I then walked outside, for a fresh of breath air,
I looked for my car, just to find it’s not there.
It got left at the bar, from my night on the town,
I figured I’d set out to go track it down.

While walking about, a stranger came forth,
And he said, “Behold, the sun rises in the north!”
I took a good look, sure enough, he was right,
I swore that I drank too much liquor last night.

When I got to my car, ‘twas on blocks with no tires,
And the upholstery had been burned by some villainous fires.
My phone’s still inside, so I reached in, picked it up,
And it dawned on my mind, that this day, it could suck.

I started hearing rings, so I answered my phone,
But the ringing went on, “I want to go home!”

I open my eyes, I’m still on my bed,
With my head at the foot and my feet at the head,
I know this is not a good start for today,
Because every time a day starts out this way,
The sun, it will rise in the north.

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