Beautiful Lady

Beautiful Lady

Verse 1
I left my home,
For the deeper sea,
I was so alone,
Till you came to me!

A brighter day arose,
All was new, you see,
I finally found my rose,
When you stood next to me.

Hey, beautiful lady,
Come and talk to me,
About love,

Hey, beautiful lady,
You mean so much to me,
I can’t get enough.

Verse 2
I went off to war,
Left you all alone,
My heart wept sore,
To make you see me go!

I serve my country well,
Kept you on my mind,
And through this living hell,
I wrote you line by line…


Verse 3
I came back home,
Took you in my arms,
Never more to roam,
Now away from harm,

A brighter day arose,
All was new you see,
I love you my rose,
Mine forever to be!


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